5 steps for better writing skills

If you are a content writer or you want to become one, we are sure you’d like to know how to write easier, better and quicker. Of course, inspiration is really important, but let’s admit it: there are days with no inspiration at all. The good news is that you can use some simple techniques that will improve your writing skills. 

You have to understand that a good text is defined by 3 characteristics: simplicity, clarity and elegance. To master and successfully mix this 3 qualities, we’ll give you some useful tips :).

  1. The role of intention, audience & tone of voice

When you need to write a text, you should begin with setting an intention. Think about the reason you’re writing this text – what is your purpose? Maybe you want to inform the reader or maybe you would like to convince him to do something (to buy your products or services). 

After you set your intention, the next step is to think about your audience – who do you want to talk with, who will read your text? 

It’s essential to know the intention and audience because that’s how you’ll find the appropriate tone of voice. 

   2. Narrative Organization

When you begin to create your story, it’s important to make order in the chaos of thoughts. You can do that by organizing the relevant points. 

A good text also has symmetry. That means that you have to use verb times that are similar. Also, if you use “I” at the beginning of the text, you shouldn’t use “you” or “us” at the end of it. 

Begin the text you’re writing with a powerful lead. That’s how you catch the reader’s attention. Otherwise, he will lose interest and probably won’t read the entire story. If you don’t have inspiration, look for some quotes that are related to the topic you’re writing about. 

The main ideas should be distributed in different paragraphs because the text will be easier to read. It’s better to avoid long paragraphs. 

The sentences should be short, clear and logical. If you want to have a text with good rhythm, you should use short sentences and punctuation. That’s how you’ll have poetic sentences. 

To write a text that is enjoyable to read, you have to create some… drama! That means that you have to make the information more spicy – be careful, you shouldn’t exaggerate. You should stick to what’s necessary. 

Try to imagine that you are writing for your best friend or for your grandmother, especially when you have to use technical terms. That’s how the reader will understand and enjoy your text.

Another useful tip is to avoid using backreferences.

   3.Choosing the right words

If you want to improve your writing skills, it’s essential to improve your vocabulary. 

When writing, choose precise words, avoid the abstract ones and try to use words that sound good together. 

If you want to expand your vocabulary you have to read a lot – books, ebooks, articles. Read a lot and your writing skills will be better every day. 

Don’t exaggerate with the adverbs you use because that’s how you’ll get a boring text. Read the text again and again and replace the adverbs – you’ll notice that the narrative will become more interesting.

    4. How to extent content 

Sometimes, you have to write more, but without feeling that you have something to say. In those situations, you can use 2 tips:

  • Illustrate the ideas with details or examples, in order to extent content
  • Elaborate the ideas, making observations or even comparisons

If you want to extent the text you are writing, you could also use another tip: change the style or the font of the paragraphs and read them again. You will get another perspective and it will be easier to complete the text with some extra ideas ;).

   5. How to find inspiration for your writing

If you need inspiration for your writing, you should read more often. When you read, your vocabulary wins a lot, but you’ll also get some inspiration. 

You can read books, love letters, articles – everything that you read can be a source of inspiration. 

For more bright ideas, you can also use the internet. Nowadays you can ask Google everything, so why not to use this tool to get inspired?! Search images, texts, videos – everything that crosses your mind. 

The movies you watch, the Netflix series you’re addicted to or even the cartoons that you love since your childhood could be inspiring. So don’t feel guilty if you spend your time watching a movie, not reading a book. 

The places you discover and the people you get the chance to meet are another inspiration source, even if you don’t look at things that way. A short conversation with a stranger could push a button in your brain and make you come up with great ideas.  

Don’t get scared by lack of inspiration – it’s natural to have it. When you’re trying too hard, that’s what happens – your brain refuses to help you. In a moment like that, it’s recommended to take a pause, lay down, listen to music, meditate, do yoga or paint. Any activity that relaxes your mind it’s efficient. 

Extra tip: when you have a great idea, no matter where you are, write it down. You should always have a tiny agenda in your bag for unexpected moments of inspiration. You can use your phone too if you have an idea and you don’t have a pen and a piece of paper. 

Even if you may think that you will remember the brilliant idea that you had while you were stuck in a traffic jam, there are 90% chance that you forget it. That’s why it’s so important to write everything that crosses your mind regarding one subject. 

If you want to be a better content writer, you should read and write every day. 

To wrap it up, here are 5 essential things to keep in mind if you want to improve your writing skills:

  • You have to set an intention before writing your text – that’s how you’ll know your audience and the appropriate tone of voice
  • You need coherence in writing
  • It’s better to keep it simple – you know, less is more :)
  • Books, movies and music are great sources of inspiration
  • Practice every day