We build uplifting digital marketing strategies for all your „kites”


hink of kites as every single campaign, message, idea your brand launches online. Kites bring joy, as you see them fly high. Brands should be able to do the same for their consumers and audiences.

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We are a digitally driven marketing agency, with a great focus on creativity. We trust the powers of technology and unique content that builds awareness, audience engagement and sales favorability. Simply put, our mission is to help your brand fly high.

Marketing in the digital age is about quality content and a smart use of channels. But most of all, it is about understanding how your consumers are expecting to be reached and engaged. And we are focusing on this, every single day, with great enthusiasm for the online landscape and creative solutions that match your aims and resources.

With over 50 happy clients, more than 160 campaigns and tens of thousands of marketing materials created every year, we are fully equipped to launch radiant ideas to the market, for your target audience, by mixing our skills:

  • Business & consumer marketing strategy
  • Corporate communication & employer branding
  • Online PR

  • Social media & content creation
  • Design & Animation
  • SEO

  • Advertising
  • Web Development

By fusing creativity, online innovation and content craft, we deliver added value to consumers and success for businesses. This can mean a memorable brand identity or launch campaign, a user friendly website with high traffic, catchy content, engaging visuals and videos, great ROI or powerful SEO. Our final outcome? Positive changes for brands, for people and for the world.

Meet The Team

Visionary strategists, precise planners, creative designers, inspired copywriters, effective developers, passionate storytellers.

We are Kite! :)

Ioana Cristea
Ioana CristeaCo-Founder & Marketing Strategist
I believe great things happen where vision meets creativity and honesty. With the right business focus and a devoted expertise in marketing, that generates a clever mix of advertising, communication and digital assets, brands can grow beyond expectation and meet their consumer at the point of conversion. This is the effect I am here to create, together with the KITE team.
Răzvan Cristea
Răzvan CristeaCo-Founder, Senior developer, UX Developer
Facts and dynamics rule the marketing landscape. A compelling web experience and intelligent solutions that provide online answers to the consumer needs are essential in today’s business plans. I’m here to deliver the best apps, plugins, web platforms and integrations that can successful serve our client’s marketing objectives.
Corina Voicu
Corina VoicuClient Success Manager
As a Project Manager, I am the girl-who-keeps-order-in-tasks-and-deadlines, smart creator of complete and complex briefs. And, of course, a full-time multi-tasking problem solver ninja.
Raluca Ciocoiu
Raluca CiocoiuWeb Developer
I’m a developer and that can say a lot about me. Especially that without requirements or design, my super power is to add bugs to an empty text file. But most important – don’t worry if your website doesn’t work right. If everything did, I’d be out of a job.
Irina Barat
Irina BaratGraphic Designer
Always cheerful and focused, I am like a sponge when it comes to learning new and creative things. When I receive a brief, I go to work until I am super happy with the result. I get emotionally attached to brands and I think that helps me deliver quality and relevant things.
Andra Chițu
Andra ChițuCopywriter & Social Media Manager
I like to consider myself a copywriter who adapts quickly to a brand’s voice and understands that isn’t just about getting information out, it’s about getting information in. And it’s not so much about writing as it is about thinking. And thinking visually. And always with a ”zag” twist, when most of the content out there is in ”zig” mood.
Luciana Murarasu
Luciana MurarasuContent & Social Media Manager
I believe in the superpowers of storytelling and I am a faithful ambassador of quality, engaging content that connects brands with the perfect audience, online and offline. My advanced experience in social media and online campaigns management contributes to the positive outcomes we deliver foreach of our clients, every day.
Melissa Antonescu
Melissa AntonescuContent & Social Media Specialist
My passion for arts and creativity takes shape in all my writings. I like to think I am a straight-forward creator and my skills in capturing emotions in words and photos help me bring the best stories I can imagine to a brand’s website content, video script or Facebook page.
Adriana Dănilă
Adriana DănilăSocial Media & Content Specialist
Mirror, mirror on the wall, I guess I have it all! Out of the box, colorful, enthusiastic and passionate about all things that communicate, basically everything.
Forward-thinking and very well organized with a solid professional background.
Always looking to get that wow factor from the audience & always on the hunt for inspiration to create, together with my colleagues, the ultimate brand experience.

We are what we believe in

We are here to deliver our vision for your growth, with the use of our digital key strengths and strong beliefs. In our agency, you’ll find a trust worthy partner that values open communication, hard and intelligent work, deep understanding of the purpose behind every action, step-by-step growth, quality services and long-term relationships.

We are a team full of people passionate about what they do, experts at what they do and we fully believe in these 5 values – which we consider our superpowers:

  • GRIT – Passion & Perseverance working together
  • TRUST – Faith in yourself, your team and your clients

  • GROWTH – The will to keep on learning

  • CARE – Balanced life, kind ways and quality deliverables

  • CREATIVITY – That colourful kite standing out in the sky

Young people around a desk working during lunch

Make a difference by doing what you love

The real strength of a team is created by each of the skilled people in it. And the biggest strength of each member is the team itself. We are always on the look for great talent. Join us in the Kite journey.

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Young people around a desk working during lunch

Make a difference by doing what you love

The real strength of a team is created by each of the skilled people in it. And the biggest strength of each member is the team itself. We are always on the look for great talent. Join us in the Kite journey.

Apply for a KITE job

Unlock growth through collective creativity

We believe that digital marketing is about uplifting brands so they can improve the lives of people. Stand up in the marketing landscape!

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