Customer Experience: 10 CX trends on the rising in 2020

In today’s marketing setup, where digital experience guides so much of the buying process, providing the best customer experience has become a cornerstone for the success of any business. Brands must provide experiences that bring meaningful value and are relevant for customers in key moments.

To do this successfully, especially when major societal shifts occur, agility and close alignment with the clients’ needs are necessary. And so is knowing the customer experience trends that are on the rise in the current year.

Take a few minutes to read below what customer experience is, why does it matter so much and what are the main CX trends in 2020.

What is customer experience

Customer experience is the holistic perception of people’s interaction with your brand or business across all communication channels. It means putting the customer first and serve him in the best possible way. It’s about creating an emotional bond with the customer, apart from delivering outstanding quality services.

Simply put, customer experience is the constant and continuous effort to pursue the client’s happiness. 😊

Why customer experience matters

2020 is a year like no other, and the pandemic coronavirus shaped the reality of many businesses, while it also empowered customers like never before. As people were forced to spend more time at home, to adapt to a remote working environment and to do all of their shopping online, their expectations about fast and irreproachable services only grew. Word-of-mouth traveled faster via social channels. As a result, the necessity of delivering excellent customer experience increased.

Here are 3 reasons why superior customer satisfaction is the pulse of every business in 2020 and beyond:

1.     Customer satisfaction increases revenue.

A delighted customer brings twice more revenue than a somewhat satisfied customer. Exceeding consumers’ expectations is always a good idea if you want to keep your business on an ascendant trend.

2.      It costs 5 times as much to attract a new customer than to retain an old one.

The higher costs come from the fact that people simply don’t buy from brands they don’t trust. So, reaching new potential customers is more expensive than keeping a good relationship with your existing ones. And speaking of trust…

3.     Relationships based on trust are critical in uncertain times

Make sure each one of your customers feels special by providing them personalized content and experiences that send a positive message: they are well cared for and very important to your business. In this way, it will be easier to build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with them, ensuring that they will stick around even when times become uncertain.

Now that you know why it is so critical to improving customer experience, let’s take a further look at the CX trends in 2020 and beyond.

Digital customer experience trends 2020

In the digital marketing landscape, customer experience is a service that is continuously evolving. Thus, savvy marketers need to keep an eye on the fast-rising CX trends. Discover the most crucial ten of them below.

1.     Self-service and self-help are on the rise

“A self-service solution doesn’t mean you don’t offer customer service. On the contrary, self-service is a way to enhance customer service.” (Shep Hyken)

Customers need to feel that they are in control of their decision and providing them the appropriate context to do so means you’re paying attention to their basic human needs.

85% of consumers prefer to self‑service through conversational interfaces using speech and text, according to Nuance.

2.     Finding the right balance between human interaction and automation is still a must

Nowadays, many companies use Artificial Intelligence to fill in the gaps and ease the workload for their employees. However, we’re still a long distance away from 100% automated solutions. Consumers in 2020 are still reluctant to chatbots, since last year, only 63% of clients were happy with this kind of service.

The human touch is still important when it comes to a truly satisfying digital customer experience service. Finding a balance between using chatbots and human interaction is necessary to provide the best customer experience possible. No automation on this planet will successfully substitute a friendly and professional greeting. 😊

3.     Transparency is highly valued

Be honest with your customers about waiting time, advertisement, pricing, business practices – it’s a sure way to win their hearts. Another major transparency factor regards the data collection process. Your business or brand must be GDPR compliant in any of its marketing campaigns or promotions.

4.     Strong data privacy and cybersecurity

Another major CX trend in 2020 targets the feeling of safety that clients experience when accessing your products or services. Even top industries and companies faced security breaches so far. Plus, studies show that 50% of customers still hold a negative view of the brand after 1 year of since the incident happened.

Here’s a quick glimpse at some recent stats regarding what clients think of data privacy:

  • 69% of the customers believe that companies are prone to breaches;
  • 25% of them believe that their data is managed responsibly;
  • 88% of the consumers are willing to give out personal data, but only if they trust the company.

Strengthening the data privacy and cybersecurity of your business improves customers’ trust and loyalty over time.

5.     Hyper-personalized experiences

Customers want you to know who they are. They expect you to know their name and tailor messages across all channels that make them feel unique and vital. 59% of shoppers who have experienced personalization believe it has a noticeable influence on purchasing.

And the statistics don’t stop here. 31% of the surveyed consumers wish their shopping experience was more personalized than it is, 20% of them never experienced a customized offer based on their previous purchases and 19% of them never received product recommendations based on their shopping history.

Another survey made by Accenture discovered that 75% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that knows their name, their purchase history, or recommends items based on their purchase history.

Even though we’re living in one of the most technology-driven eras, it appears that nothing can beat the satisfaction of someone using another person’s name. 😊

6.     A satisfactory employees’ experience increases customer experience

If you want to take care of your clients, take care of your employees first, and they will do the rest for you. Instead of making life easier for customers, do so for your team.

Is it worth it? Definitely! Highly empowered staff drives more engagement and generates a positive image of your brand in the customers’ eyes.

Ultimately, investing in your team means investing in the happiness of your clients.

7.     Soft skills – they make or break the customer experience

As we’ve said before, a qualitative human interaction highly contributes to a client’s happiness. For an employer, it is mandatory to invest in properly training employees that often interact with clients.

Here is a quick list of soft skills ideal for employees to have when dealing with customers:

  • Good, active listening;
  • Good understanding of their views and needs;
  • Negotiation skills;
  • Persuasion;
  • Resourcefulness;
  • Creativity, finding the proper solutions;
  • Nonverbal communication;
  • Showing empathy.

In short, don’t underestimate the importance of soft skills in keeping a client happy.

8.     Smart stores

In 2020, we’ll see a growth in immersive VR technologies that augment customer experiences across online e-commerce stores.

9.     Instant Gratification

Consumers nowadays expect things to happen almost instantaneously. Immediate actions and super-fast delivery gives you an edge over competitors. Customers dislike being inconvenienced, nor do they appreciate making them wait for a solution. So, providing a sense of instant gratification may pave your way to the customers’ hearts.

10.  Omnichannel customer experiences

In recent years, omnichannel customer experiences have gotten a lot of attention from companies all over the world. The expectation for this trend is a complete switchover from multi-channel CX strategies to omnichannel ones.

To sum it up, in order to deliver a positive experience for customers, it’s essential to know them better than before. Understand and acknowledge their needs. Measure their behavior every step of the way, across all channels. Use that knowledge to personalize all interactions with your business or brand, both online and offline. And last but not least, continue improving your emotional relationship with customers to make sure they will remain by your side in the long run.