Digital Marketing Essentials for 2021

Mirror, mirror on the wall, where do brands go from now?

The coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way brands do business and has amplified & solidified the importance of social media platforms and online portals. As people have been confined at home for long periods of time, due to mobility restrictions imposed by each government in an attempt to stop the spreading of the virus, their consumption habits started to change as well. This new, unforeseen context is bringing the era of Digital Transformation to new heights. Thus, brands either become what people are interested in or fade into oblivion. But how do we tackle the needs of our audiences & keep them entertained?

New digital trends are taking over the market: the rise of the mobile, surveys show a global increase of usage in mobile devices, the need for ultra-responsive brand communication across all channels, the outstanding ascent of eCommerce and Social Media sales, the accession of image and video for visual searches and voice-activated search, the heightened integration of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning into sales processes and, of course, the popularity boost for sustainable and eco-friendly brands.

We are not magicians, no flip of the wand can transform your brand overnight into the public’s favorites, but we have all the insight, tips, trends, tricks and recommendations you definitely need to be in the world-wide brand conversation. Abraham Lincoln so bluntly said “The best way to predict your future is to create it”, so, click in to up your brand game and discover new ways of connecting with your customers. At Kite, we are ready for the fully immersive digital brand future, are you?

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