Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Thanks to technology, the world is now a better place. In the last years it has become easier to span the gaps between people regardless of their country or education. We are connected on a huge scale and this opens the doors to countless opportunities.

Worldwide, the amount spent on digital marketing in 2020 is expected to exceed $1.3 trillion. Should you use the same marketing strategy as you have in previous years? A new year brings new directions, and it’s necessary you track them to address consumers and keep up with the competition. There is a flow of new influential technology so it shouldn’t surprise you that impressive marketing trends are starting to take notice.

From Programmatic Advertising to Voice Marketing Funnels, Neuromarketing and Artificial Intelligence, below is a summary of the 42 marketing trends we will see break out in 2020. These predictions can then help you establish where to allocate resources and encounter viable opportunities for your business. So use this paper asa checklist to see where you stand in the fast-moving world of digital marketing.

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