Need to know what people think about your brand? We are here to help

Marketing is not about talking at the customers anymore, it’s about talking with them, and finding out which type of information they want to see. Yes, knowing exactly where you stand in terms of ROI is imperative for your business, but knowing what your customers think about your brand is at least as important.

To establish if your marketing strategy performs adequately, it’s mandatory to get direct feedback from your customers. And one of the best ways to obtain it is by researching your audience and sending out a social media survey.

Here are 6 essential traits a social media survey should have:

Purposeful: Before you decide about the quiz, you have to know how you’re going to use the answers you’ll collect.

Specific: When developing the surveys, specificity is decisive. Have precise objectives you want to reach, and then work from there.

Short: If your audience will fill out your survey, you should be thankful. So it’s important to keep it short – it shouldn’t take more than two or three minutes.

Simple: Use simple, easy-to-answer questions and a plain language. In this way, the users will be more inclined to fill out the survey.

Open: Keep at least one question open, to offer the people a chance to say what they think. It will make them feel like their opinions, ideas, recommendations or complaints matter.

Attractive: Provide your customers with a small discount, a coupon code, a gift or at least a funny GIF image or a warm thank-you note at the end of the survey. In this way, you’re letting them know that you appreciate the fact that they’re willing to offer you their time for feedback.

Win more business with customer powered data

So, most likely, you need to know what people think about your brand and what they expect from your brand. It’s time to discover new growth opportunities. We are here to help you measure your brand awareness, sentiment and expectations among consumers, with a personalized Social Media Audience Survey.

Starting from a discounted price of 790 euro, you’ll be able to win more business with customer powered data in a fast, efficient, insightful and convenient way. We will craft a custom micro-survey to be sent to your selected audience, all created and delivered in one month:

  • 10 relevant and consistent questions
  • Advanced social media or online targeting to reach the right people
  • 2-3 minutes spent by each user to anser the survey
  • Results report with the most relevant take-aways

What will you get

A short and customized Social Media Audience Survey will get you more than you expect, from understanding your audience and getting clarity about what your customers want, to even identifying competitive advantages of your competitors. Here’s what you will get:

  • Real-time feedback at scale from your current customers
  • Learning more about potential customers
  • Better understanding of consumers’ behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes
  • A more valuable connection with customers

What can you do next

Once you have received and interpreted the survey results, it’s time to leverage those observations to build a stronger brand presence on social media. So you should:

  • Use feedback to tailor your communications, website experience, A/B test campaigns
  • Improve your products/services according to feedback
  • Start building a better customer experience
  • Enhance your engagement and retention
  • Prepare a well calculated content plan and social media calendar, including posts for holidays, special offers, sales
  • Be ready to answer fans’ questions at any time of day, to ensure a steady presence

What are the steps to follow

We trust the powers of technology and unique content that builds awareness, audience engagement and sales favorability. One of the best solutions to obtain all that is a smart social media audience survey. Do you need it too? Tell us about your expectations, and we’ll show you how we can help. You will just need to fill out a short online form and we will get right back to you. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Submit your request in the following form.
  2. You'll get a brief to fill from our team and an invitation to schedule a Zoom Call.
  3. You'll receive a website timing from our team, so you can be online in 1 to 4 weeks with your first website.