#GoTech 2019: What’s next in digital? Day Two highlights

GoTech World 2019 turned Bucharest into a true digital business hub. We are very happy that we had the opportunity to be a part of this great event and to inspire all those who believe in the power of digital transformation.

The marketing science is constantly evolving and we need to keep up with the trends if we want to remain relevant among consumers. Today, like never before, we have to break down the barriers between different channels and enable memorable experiences through omnichannel marketing.

Here are some highlights from the second day of GoTech World 2019, that will give you an edge in business:

A new concept of SEO Marketing

SEO is more and more important day-by-day, due to an evergrowing digital landscape. This is the reason why those businesses who spend time on increasing the quality and improving the user experience of their website will benefit the most.

SEO algorithms are always changing, so the rules that helped you last year might not be applicable this year. Furthermore, online businesses are facing more and more sophisticated search engines and confidential updates. This is why you have to constantly adapt and improve your SEO knowledge.

If in the past SEO was about creativity and communication, nowadays SEO is based on strong marketing and communication.

Between 2005-2011 SEO was about:

Onpage optimization through:

  • large or bold written texts
  • abuse of internal links
  • many keywords in meta tag

Offpage optimization through:

  • link exchange
  • page rank
  • duplicate content/content theft

In 2019 SEO means a lot more:

  1. The foundation of the site

Meta tags, headings, images, keyword density, etc.

  1. People talking about us

When we talk about SEO, we have to include, at this point, as many communication channels connected to our website as possible: online magazines and newspapers, forums, YouTube, blogs.

  1. User Experience Indicators

Ever thought how the User Interface and the User Experience can help you when it comes to SEO? A clean code, easy navigation and a responsive design will have a positive impact on your SEO performance and meet your users’ expectations at the same time.

  1. Brand Value

Google wants to see how searchable your site is compared to other competing sites. This is one of the indicators that Google uses for modify the page ranking. For SEO is very important to have a quality content and it can help you to gain edge over your competitors.

Create the Perfect Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Omnichannel Marketing is the solution for a business to reach the user through multiple channels. The advantage of this strategy is that your brand’s message can be better understood by the consumer.

Starbucks is one of the brands that uses the Omnichannel Marketing Strategy. Now, the customers can order their coffees while they’re in line in the coffee house or even earlier. They can pick up the order and easily pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or even with an Apple Watch.

The holy three for consumer loyalty

User experience, content strategy and digitalisation can easily bring consumers closer to your brand. And, most important, don’t hesitate to surprise them.

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”- Steve Jobs

8 facts that you should know if you want to strengthen the bond between your business and customers

  1. Loyal customers spend 67% more money compared to new ones. This is the reason why you have to pay attention to their needs and improve their experience with your brand.
  2. Start analize which products are in more demand during which seasons or on which holidays, and make your advertising campaigns and offers more personalized.
  3. Social media super-fans support your reach, engagement & shares of content. Rewarded fans & online brand ambassadors actually drive sales.
  4. Loyal readers support your website content shareability and brand-related online conversations.
  5. It is important to be there when you receive feedback. If something goes wrong, ask details and do best to make up for the customer. Make sure you reward your most loyal customers on social media or loyal readers, because 50% of customers recommend a brand to others.
  6. Regardless of the century and trend, one of the things that will always be important for returning customers is the loyalty program. You can start with a simple Bonus Point system, but don’t forget to offer a kind signal to your customers while keeping your costs safe.
  7. Customers that have become an active part of the brand’s life keep buying and recommend it. So you might consider creating campaigns around their experiences, share their guest posts on your blog, implement a campaign they have chosen etc.
  8. 72% of consumers agree that social media helps users stay more engaged with brands they like. Think as your customer, not as the brand, when you’re building all your marketing initiatives: those for growing your audience as well as those for keeping it close.

GoTech World 2019 proposed a mix of IT solutions, business software, information security and digital marketing devices & solutions. We are proud to say that Kite was digital partner at GoTech 2019 edition. In numbers, GoTech 2019 looked like that:

  • 577 visitors
  • 116 exchibitors
  • 136 international & local speakers
  • 117 sessions
  • 7 stages
  • 20 startups
  • 2500 digital & IT solutions

Can’t wait for the next year edition.