How to spring clean your digital marketing strategy in 5 steps

With the arrival of spring, we all return to the familiar routine of cleaning the space we live in. But we shouldn’t stop here, we should extend this radiant motivation towards a strategic direction.

So say hello to spring, take advantage of this seasonal energy boost and use it wisely, to give your digital marketing long term effort the spring cleaning it deserves.

This process may seem discouraging at first, but once you start cleaning, the bigger picture becomes clear, and your optimism reserves increase significantly.

Here is a guideline to spring clean your digital marketing strategy in 5 steps:

1) Refresh your goals

Spring represents a new beginning, that’s why now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your goals. Start by setting your priorities and then work your way down.

It’s important to define as clearly as possible your mid and long-term objectives. After this refresh, you can take a close look at your branding in order to secure consistency on all the channels in use. And then, the ”magic” (meaning the alignment with the other parts of your digital strategy) will come.

2) Check your Competition

To make sure you are always one step ahead of your competitors, you must not lose sight of them. And what time is more suitable for a thorough analysis than the beginning of spring, the period when Easter campaigns begin, for example?

No, it’s not about eavesdropping,  it’s about smart research. It’s a must, because you need to know who you’re up against. And luckily for this industry, few things are private on social media, for instance. And the whole web in general. So why not take advantage of it? Especially since you now have plenty of tools that can do this “Sherlock Holmes” thing in your place.

3) Review your Social Media

Now it’s time to clean a little deeper. You probably have several social media accounts that need a review. It is recommended to get rid of outdated information, which can create confusion.

Moreover, you can do an analysis of each platform separately, to see what really helps you reach your potential customers and what is unnecessary and irrelevant to the business. Look at analytics, look at engagement rates, look at how editorial routines have evolved, at your response time and see if a refresh is needed.

4) Revitalize old content

You already know that content is crucial to the digital marketing strategy. You have all the time in the world to create great new content for your audience, but now is the time to go through what you have done so far and bring it up to date so that it can be re-shared with the same relevance and maybe with a bigger reach potential.

You can start by giving your old posts a ”facelift” – a new look, a new feel, a new content packaging. You’ll be surprised by the outcome. Recycling old content is one of the best tricks to boost SEO.

5) Get rid of SEO ghosts

It’s easy to forget about the activity your brand had online years ago. But always remember that Google doesn’t forget, and can be very hostil to you if there are certain unwanted ghosts of your company stucked on the web. Getting rid of them means that you can escape Google penalties and much more – you can strengthen your long-term SEO.

So, make sure to hunt your SEO ghosts. Here is what to look for:

  • irrelevant, low search volume keywords – this should leave you with an efficient list of keywords for the new season
  • old addresses – make sure that the previous addresses aren’t still associated with your business
  • stagnant social media profiles – it’s never too late to start posting if the account has been asleep for a while
  • duplicate content – Google Search Console will help you with that
  • links to irrelevant websites for your business – go through your site and add no follow tags to links that aren’t relevant or high quality

Good luck with all the needed digital cleaning! You will discover that the little spring effort will bear fruit – it will only benefit your digital marketing strategy.