Kite at GoTech 2019 about marketing mixology and online content

We were very excited to be this year the digital partner of the largest online digitalization & communication event in Romania and CEE, GoTech World.

The most important and interesting information in the event presentations is highlighted in our blog articles about the first and second day at GoTech. In this way, all the industry news, tips&tricks and insights gathered from from the brightest digital minds are in one place, for inspiration, only a click away from anyone who wants to make a difference in this field.

The Kite team brought to the event the concept of Marketing Mixology, through which we wanted to send the message that there are no successful prefabricated recipes in marketing, especially in digital marketing. In a constantly changing world, that evolves with an alert speed, with tones of content generated minute by minute, the brands need a mix of skills, technology and creativity and customized solutions designed for their particular demands.

Our booth took the form of a bar, at which we made 4 assortments of cocktails, called suggestively Be Smart, Be Sharp, Be Bold, Be Daring, based on the type of marketing objectives that visitors could set after a one-page Flash Quiz taken on tablet. 

We detailed our concept of Marketing Mixology in a brief interview, which can be viewed here and we explained it in a presentation called Mixology for consumer loyalty: user experience, content strategy and digitalisation that can be read here and viewed here.

What was the idea?

Just like mixology in bartending, the perfect digital marketing combination is the result of a refined and in-depth study of the art and craft of mixing channels, tactics and resources to serve the best experience to a brand’s consumer. So, as digital agency, we have to discover more about the ingredients, apps and skills needed to create the best cocktail to win in the brands engagement and loyalty competition. 

Another idea that the Kite brought to the GoTech debate was the fact that marketing strategies can’t afford to be just a show of creativity, in the age of digital, crowded with content, apps, technologies and online micro-communities. The numbers in your business and the facts and trends about your audience can tell you a lot about how to build and run successful digital marketing plans. However, there are no secret formulas. Or…are there?

In fact, behind online content there is ”a science” and you can meet your business aims with the help of several marketing facts and formulas. You can discover these facts and formulas here and see the entire Kite presentation here.

And last but not least, Kite took part in a panel with a very current theme: How important is the user experience when it comes to online shopping? What drives customers to buy from a particular online store? How to keep your users loyal, in eCommerce?  Find our answers by listening to the recording of Adevărul Financiar Live Edition, here.

With all this in mind, we are looking forward to see what 2020 holds in the digital world. We are here to keep track of digital transformation discussions, inform the brands about the trajectory of significant trends in 2020 and go to the right direction with each one of our partners.