Lovers of taste: Meet Zesty

Mouth-watering recipes ranging from traditional, vegan, raw or molecular cuisine presented in vivid photography and easy on the eye typography, Zesty is one of the newest and most active online communities for gourmets, amateur chefs and, in general, for all those who love to experience exquisite taste.

It offers image rich site content for sweets, entrees, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides, and beverages that are easy to make, healty, homemade and family friendly, as well as recommendations for restaurants, bistros, bars and other culinary destinations, where you can enjoy special experiences in a great atmosphere.

With posts organized by category, easy to engage and follow, it’s a captivating digital communication channel celebrating good food, healthy habits and the passion of experimenting new things in search of unique, yummy, tastes.

The colourful, great browsing experience regardless of the device used for navigating the web page has a very optimistic tone of voice, outgoing and social, encouraging both readers and promoters to stay with their eyes glued on the content.

With the section: Your daily recommendation you will always have a yummy idea ready to brighten your day and plate. Under the motto: ‘Best taste in town!’, Zesty prides itself with: recipes meticulously tested by their own team, unique cooking techniques, nutritional information about healthy ingredients found in recommended recipes and dismantling culinary myths.

So, if you are looking to create or have a nice meal at home or at a restaurant, then Zesty is your go to guide. The Zesty community is active both on the website and in social media, with a growing Facebook & Instagram following and plenty of giveaways, contest, quizzes to peak your interest.

If what you seek is culinary balance in today’s modern and active world, then look no further: Zesty is the place for you!