Meet the new digital consumer: trends for 2019 – 2022

The digital consumption trends and habits are rapidly shifting, in pace with technological innovations and digital communication new opportunities and challenges. Digitally influenced purchases are growing, consumer are spending more and more time online to communicate, learn and shop.

This infographic is showing the most important shifts forecasted in the following years, as based on Digital Consumers, Emerging Markets, and the $4 Trillion Future, a BCG report that debuted at the 2018 Summer Davos in Tianjin, China. Data comes from BCG’s Emerging Market Digital Survey 2018 and Center for Consumer Insight surveys from 2017 and 2018. Other data comes from the Economist Intelligence Unit, eMarketer, Euromonitor, Forrester Research, the International Telecommunications Union, Internet World Stats, Oxford Economics, and the World Bank.

Digital Consumer Infographic