“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X

Models for the future – a Teach for Romania Campaign

Our purple, bright way to celebrate this year’s World Teachers’ Day

On this year’s World Teachers’ Day, our Kite team had the opportunity to celebrate the incredible educators and leaders across our country. How? By joining Teach for Romania’s efforts to raise awareness about the importance of the educational role models in unlocking the children’s opportunity to fulfill their potential.

How? The brief for the deliverable assets was simple for our creative designers and brilliant developers: a website to increase the donation’s favorability. The behind-the-scenes’ story? So emotional. Dedicated teams from Teach for Romania, Lidl.ro, Ogilvy, Mediacom, our agency, together with Virgil Ianțu, Răzvan Exarhu, Aida Economu put together their creative resources, skills and expertise to fly high, like a kite, a message for a better education, for a brighter future for all.


Role Models for the future. Here’s how you can support them

Teach for Romania enlists Romania’s most promising leaders to teach in high-need areas for two years and, in the long-term, drive systemic changes from within and outside of the education sector. The organization partners with schools to help them thrive and provide a fair education, fulfilling potential in all children, not just some.

Teach for Romania’s talented members grow from teachers to exceptional leaders and role models for the next generation.

These teachers are the superheroes making a difference where it’s most needed. They have many responsibilities to juggle, from confronting educational inequity head-on to reimagine education to be embraced by all children. For them, “good enough” is just arriving at a closed-door; “better for all” is the key unlocking the so-needed potential. That’s why these teachers go the extra mile for their pupils, inspiring them to grow.

Their superhero cape is woven with courage, boldness, urgency and perseverance in pursuit of transformational impact. Their superpower is to give children wings to fly and reach their potential, guiding them through a fulfilling learning journey. Inside-out; in the classroom, to their community, in life.

They have a lot on their plate as impactful world changers, but they also have a supportive community to lean on. Be part of it. Donate. Join Teach for Romania’s efforts to work towards a fair education for all.

Send “Model” text message to 8844 and donate 2 euro/month or make a donation here: https://modelepentruviitor.ro/ Don’t stop there; help us raise our kite higher by sharing this website, together with its mission, to your friends, family and with your role-models.

Together, we can do better, for all.

The Thank You Letter from Today’s Me, for the impactful You

Our today’s actions are driven by the sum of the previous lessons, self-learned or guided by impactful people in our lives.

Maybe he or she encouraged you to follow your passion for music and sing louder or pushed your learning abilities by asking more difficult questions about the world. Maybe he or she involved you in lots of volunteering activities, more than you thought you can join, to make your commitment to community glow, or gave you a hand to overcome together the obstacles.

Maybe he or she showed you how to embrace kindness in your relationship with trouble-looking colleagues, or perhaps he or she smiled back and enlightened your school-days.

For sure, he or she was the person who cheered the loudest when you performed, and his or her guidance shined brightly like a North-Star in times of uncertainty. Are there’s always cloudy and foggy weather when you’re on the path of growth to the unknown.

Who is he or she? Your role model. And now, you have a way to show to the world your gratitude through a Thank You note on https://modelepentruviitor.ro/.

“Be grateful in your own hearts. Thanksgiving has wings, and flies to its right destination.”

Victor Hugo