Own your Brand Story in Tough Times

In today’s world, being ready to face the unexpected can be crucial, in business. Whether it’s a global pandemic, a storm of criticism over a team member’s behavior or product feature, or anything in between, be always prepared for tough times. Crises create uncertainty and stress, and probably communication missteps.

While having a strong, vocal, and representative digital presence becomes more and more important for businesses, owning your brand story in our fast-moving, technology-driven age, when digital crises can hit at any time, is essential.

Communicating during and after a crisis can be nerve-wracking and challenging. There is no such thing as a perfect response to critical incidents, but preparation is the key to your tenets for success. You want a crisis communication plan and team in place before you need them.

In this #PurplePaper on Crisis Management, you have the necessary guidance for building up a crisis management document, and the steps your team can take to make sure you are crisis-ready. Moreover, if you catch yourself stuck in the mire of looking for the perfect solutions, you have here the realistic answers, busting the myths of crisis management.

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