Digital Ads in 2022: Tips, Tools and Trends

In the era of the now, where there is something new just around the corner, where people are connected 24/7 via multiple devices and channels, the digital environment remains the place to be for any brand that wants to stay relevant and obviously to succeed. But how do you stand out in a market flooded with businesses offering similar products, features and solutions and overcrowded with brands competing for the same target groups?

Digital Ads are changing their trajectory towards 2022, with emerging channels that marketers did not use before and new ways of creating content. Apps are speeding up their tech capabilities and are encouraging heightened video usage, as visual connections are stronger. As such, remember that digital means you have to make an impression on various platforms, displaying the same strong brand image, while adapting it technologically and content-wise.

Customers want companies to be honest (86%), friendly (83%) and helpful (78%). However, aside from these qualities, shoppers also like brands that are funny (72%), trendy (43%), politically correct (39%), and snarky (33%). So, if you want to be at the top of your game, you must invest in technology developments that will put you on the map and keep you going.

We have prepared the latest info about advertising platforms and tools you need to keep in mind for your marketing promotion strategy looking forward to 2022. So, get ready, read on, learn, adapt to the market, and stand out with smart targeting and bidding.