Social Media Essentials for 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media use has skyrocketed, confirming its place as the first option for personal communication and interaction, as well as validating its power for brands, since meetings, official launches, conferences and all types of events have moved online. As a result, the efficiency of omnichannel marketing can no longer be denied. Thus, businesses that want good customer retention, increased purchases and an overall strong ROI have to get on board with the relevant strategies. But how?

We have the latest information regarding new consumer habits and internet & social media trends, from how and where to use AR (Artificial Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality), how and why you need to boost user-generated content, why you have to invest more in “micro-influencers”, why short-form video content is a must, and most importantly why and how brands have to encompass in their line-up subjects that are inclusive and representative for a wide range of audiences.

We also tackle the latest scoop on why brands have to spice up their online shopping capabilities to include clever, funny, emotional and empowering shoppable posts on all major social media platforms, from Instagram, to Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube,  and even LinkedIn.

Who’s ready to put on their Social Media goggles & build an open brand that communicates efficiently and continuously, a brand that empowers people by trust? We are! Join us to shine in the social-media brand conversation.

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