The network effect and other tips that can make your brand remarkable

This year’s Ad World Event has been a blast with over 50.000 online attendees and a great, memorable speech on behalf of Seth Godin. We learned new tactics and shared strategies about how to find the right audiences for our products and campaigns and we discovered more about what Godin called the ”network effect”:

”The secret is creating something that works better if other people do it with you. Creating something worth talking about. Being remarkable. Every success story that I can think of succeeded not because they grounded out and churned through a funnel, they succeeded because people decided to talk about it” – Seth Godin.

So, here are a few tips and pointers from #AdWorld2021 that can make your brand remarkable.

Content and tech optimization

One of the major complaints reported continuously by audiences focuses on display and loading capabilities across all platforms used. Fixing tech issues and speeding up pages, plus creating more internal links from pages with better ranking will bring more organic traffic to your website, better engagement and more conversions. Another thing worth doing is content optimization by repurposing old, quality content and mixing it with new, updated one.  Remember always to present your brand story coherently and be consistent in your values and quality across time. People like to know they can always depend on you to deliver. Be careful this doesn’t mean you mustn’t change, on the contrary, it means you have to adapt at a rapid pace, keeping the brand image intact and simply adapting it to the now.

Video is king and video ads are the future

Remember that you have only five to ten seconds to make an impression upon your targeted audience, so really pay attention to how you look, invest in quality design and do not be afraid to go beyond the usual norms. Always keep in mind that a powerful brand is one that finds, develops and grows a genuine connection with its audience, so try to tap into different emotions and create a true bond with people and their values. Make your product the voice of their needs, wants and aspirations.

  • Acknowledge that digital means you have to make an impression on various platforms, displaying the same strong brand image, while adapting it technologically and content-wise.
  • Be relevant and always try to keep up with the latest trends in technology, design and content across all platforms.
  • Be bold, but at the same time, make sure you are presenting whom you are as a brand and not displaying the most recent trends just because they are cool and hype in the now.

Try new things, but do it in your style.

Video ads are the best way to engage your targeted community and expand your market. But it doesn’t all have to be about video only, you can mix and spice it up by using the Vertical method or the 15×1 method, as explained by Chris Erthel, Meller – Co-Founder.

Video Ads 2021

For the first one, you design your ad with the video in the middle, an image on top of the video and a text (preferably linked to a promotion or discount) on the bottom. This way, you show your product on top, what it does in the middle and what you can get “only right now” on the bottom.

The second method, 15×1 encourages you to create a different beginning for the same ad. This way, you have a wide range of creativity and you entice people to see what’s new, while keeping them connected and engaged with your ads, having them decide which one they prefer best.

Clearly define your brand and your audience

Before starting any brand endeavor, know who you are and what your mission is, in order to truly find your place on the market. The better you know what your strengths and characteristics are, the more you will learn how to disperse your brand message in such a way that customers will see you as authentic, honest and plus value in their daily lives.

Your brand identity has to be built on true core values that you also follow internally. People will sense when you are trying to `fake it`, and your success will be a one-time type of thing if you do not invest in the team behind your brand. So define your audience and try to know them.

Set your targets from the start to maximize your time, resources and people on the right audiences for your brand. Time is money, as they say, so spend it wisely.

Types of audiences

(Photo of Talin Koutnouyan during her presentation at #AdWorld2021)

Last but not least, do not forget that true and lasting brand recognition and bonding with your audience don’t come overnight, it is a process that takes time and a lot of investing financially, professionally and personally.

Good luck & always look forward. The best is yet to come!