Top 5 Super Bowl ads to remember this year

The Super Bowl is the most-watched American television broadcast of the year and also among the most-watched sporting events worldwide, after UEFA Champions League final.

This year, it’s thought around 100 million Americans watched it, and companies have spent each an enormous sum of money to reach these people: $5.6 million for 30 seconds of Big Game prestige.

The best ads are either clever or funny, even emotional. And now that the anticipation is over, we will see which ads will indeed be unforgettable, but first let’s talk about our favorite.

Here are the top 5 gems among the truly creative pieces:

1. Google: “Loretta”

Maybe the most touching commercial is “Loretta”, by Google. Through the lens of its product, the company tells an impressive story about the lasting love that we all dream about.

We can’t tell for sure weather the 85-year old man is managing his Alzheimer condition to keep his memories with his wife safe or he simply takes care of their best moments by creating a digital memory book. Either way, the emotional impact is strong enough to fade away the boundaries between technology and personal space.

2. Amazon: “#BeforeAlexa”

Making an extremely funny parallel between the life of real life couple Ellen Degeneres – Portia de Rossi, who can’t imagine a day without Alexa’s support, and the life of humans before Alexa, Amazon is trying to show that if you have tested this service, you can no longer live without it. It’s simply essential, if you want to live in the present

During the game, this ad was the most-watched Super Bowl ad on YouTube.

3. Rocket Mortgage: “Comfortable” with Jason Momoa

When you think of Jason Momoa, you think instantly of the perfect body. But what would it be like to see Aquaman bald, extremely weak, but satisfied with the privacy of his home, the only place where he can take off his mask (his muscular frame) and where he can be himself?

You can say that this spot for Rocket Mortgage is disturbing, but at the end of it you can’t argue that it’s funny.

4. Wallmart: “Famous Visitors”

In a commercial that promotes its order pickup service as if it were a service that even aliens would use, Walmart is beginning to show the world what the world has long wanted: the fact that the lack of time no longer allows us to do shopping in the traditional way and that it’s necessary to move to the next level.

It’s not about out of this world convenience. It’s about increasing comfort. Always. On all levels. And retailers have to comply. Don’t they?

5. Dashlane, “Password Paradise”

You can’t ignore a company that shows you, in the most plastic way, the parallel between the hell of multiple passwords that you have to remember and the heaven of worry and total control over the Internet. This company that you’ve never heard of is spending millions of dollars just to let you know it can make your online life easier.

Dashlane is an app that manages your passwords. Simply as it sounds. The spot is memorable not because it is for the first time when a password manager places an ad during Super Bowl break, but for the fact that every Internet user can relate to it.

So what are your favorite 2020 Super Bowl ads?