Travelling made easy & fun with the New Trip platform

Travelling has become quite a difficult endeavour in recent times and it has been reconfiguring itself in the wake of a global pandemic that shook the tourism industry profoundly but, hopefully, soon all things will navigate to a new normal that will allow us to rejoice once more in the pleasures of travel.

In the meantime, our mind can travel to the farthest places of this world, thus there is nothing stopping us from planning that much craved vacation so we are fully ready when the time comes. But, where to start?

What if there was a place where you can find like-minded people, enthusiastic and passionate about travelling, always looking for a new destination, browsing the digital world to find, read and write recommendations, reviews, travel guides or tips for amazing vacations?

A cool and easy to navigate platform is NewTrip, a website dedicated to the joy of travelling, with a clean design, beautiful photos and no pesky, annoying, unnecessary pop-ups.

This platform is like a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded tourism blogosphere, offering free tips & tricks for unforgettable travelling experiences, ranging from very affordable to very exclusivist, focused both on the Romanian market, but also the international one. With a very well-structured web menu about what kind of content they offer, in seconds you can discover relevant information about a wide range of travelling options from exotic destinations, wellness travel, romantic destinations, family travel to adventure travel and great places in Romania.

Under the mantra: ‘We are that reliable friend you ask: What’s cool to visit next?’, the platform offers you an abundance of travel ideas, depending on your budget, preferences and the period in which you want to travel, alone, with friends or family.

New Trip is pretty much a 24/7 accessible guide, always ready to help you out when searching for inspiration regarding your next vacation and always on by the click of a button. Another plus is the online Facebook community and Instagram community that engages and inspires its members to dream big and travel far. Plus the many giveaways, contests or quizzes keep both users and promoters on their toes, enjoying great and interactive discussions on travelling.

But don’t take our word for it and try it for yourself!